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So had a great Canada Day with TP and Mr. A; we ended up at my parents like the last few years. Their cul d'sac always puts on a potluck BBQ. We didnt give much of a backstory to Mr. A other than he is our friend and down visiting, my parents did meet him at our wedding so it wasn't completely awkward.

The night was great, towards the end my parents, TP, Mr. A and I retreated into their house for coffee while we waited for it to get dark for fireworks. It was at this point that my father and Mr. A started chatting planes (my father having had a pilot's licence) since he was 16 and of course Mr. A is a flight instructor. They seemed to hit it off nicely, I never really doubted they would but TP and I were exchanging happy smiles most of the conversation.

I did mention to my mother that Mr. A would more than likely be moving in with us while he looked for work. I didn't expect there to be objections or any issue, and frankly if there was my mother was SOL since it is my house and my spare bedroom. But she also knows how giving I can be when people really need it, so she was happy that I was helping a friend.

The reality I didn't emphasize was that Mr. A is 95% moving in at this point, since we've not heard from the job opportunity. Already getting questions ready to have a sit down and set up expectations for him, and his for us. Cover foibles and follies for living together. TP is definitely relishing the idea and I see it as her entering a second honeymoon phase with the caveat that there's probably going to be some adjusting on all sides required. I am not very particular about the way certain things are done around the house, but I worry that Mr. A will in fact be reticent to assert his needs and his opinions since he's coming into our house; I suppose I just have to make it clear that while he lives here it's his house too, he's not a houseguest anymore he has rights for his space and how he does things, etc.

But that's communicating with a guy all emotiony and gross....women do that, it comes from their ovaries. :P
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