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I've definitely encountered the if he loved me he'd know what I needed with out being told and when that happened it cause a major fight. Most of the time I can usually guess what it is my girlfriend wants because I know her so well, but on this occasion it was something she hadn't needed before and it built until she snapped and started scream yelling and crying, which from my view point was really unfair. My stand point was if you don't tell me when you need certain things, how am I supposed to know, I'm not a mind reader and women can be quite complex at times. Again I think this comes back to communication. If you feel your partner is giving you what you need, tell them in a way that isn't accusing them of anything, tell them in a safe and mutual place so they don't feel they're being attacked and again remember people aren't mind readers and sometimes they'll get it wrong or just wont know whats missing
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