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it's July!!!! I know, I'm a day late but work has really picked up this past week. July means that at the end of the month (possibly the beginning of next month), I'll be home. it's all about getting to the checkpoints and hoping that time doesn't stall on me.

the second half of the month is probably going to drag for me. mama (it's what I'm gonna refer to my wife as from now on) is heading to NY again. another trip that has been planned for a long time, before she hooked up with the BF (I'll need to think of a name for him) but she is going to have alot more chances to see him again leaving me with the fear of the unknown all over again. I try not to think about it but it always creeps into my mind.

it won't be as easy for her to go out because she will have the kids with her this time but she has lots of friends so I know she can easily find a babysitter. as much as I want to be happy for them, I don't like the idea of her leaving the kids with someone just so she can go have sex. even if it is a good family friend. it has less to do with the sex and more to do with the kids.

anyway, right now I'm happy and on cruise control for the next month. Itinerary to go home will be out in a couple of weeks. woooohooooo!!!!!

VA OR BUST!!!!!!
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