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Thanks to everyone for your post : )

I see now that I also miss used some termonology. Although I am not very new to poly, I am still new enough. I am new to having a name for it and being able to have people to talk to about it : ) so I never really learned what labels other people used to explain their situations

At this very present moment it's just me and my partner. We have lived with one of her BF before, and I think I said triad, what I meant was 'V'. I guess I am asking most of my questions based on that experience.

I am trying to figure out, is if its the person we choose to have move in with us that didn't work, or if its the situation that doesnt work, or both.

I am totally ok with my partner having a BF, or BF's, but the living together I really struggel with. We have talked about at some point trying that again. Or at least we don't want to be closed off to the possibility.

I read a lot of the post, and look up many of my questions. I just figured everyone situation is very different, and if I asked questions rather than put my issues out there. People would just tell me what works for them rather than try and tell me what might work in my situation. Plus it is a way not to bring the past "bad" experience into this, and get a list of all the things we did wrong, I just wanted to focuse on what we could do better in the future.

Thank you everyone!
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