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Default Wife threatened divorce

I had got home from work after a long day. I go to give my wife and hug and a kiss and she seems distant and aloof. I ask her what the matter is, and she doesn't really give me an answer. But I know something is wrong. I forget what I did, but it was something small that set her off and she starts yelling at me.

I'm not going to list every single thing that was said, but she accused me of being controlling, that I make her do things she doesn't want to do and don't let her do things she does want to do. I asked her to elaborate, and she said I tell her who she can and can't talk too, and that I make her talk about her problems.

I never told her who she could or couldn't talk to. Two weeks earlier she was talking to one of her male friends. He thinks I'm an asshole that doesn't deserve her, and he always acts like her boyfriend, and she gets upset when he does that because she isn't interested in him that way. She was complaining to me about it and I said if he is making you upset why do you continue to talk to him while he's making you upset? Just stop the conversation until he stops. She took this to mean that she couldn't talk to him at all, and she let this simmer for two weeks without mentioning anything to me. I even let her talk to the people she cheated on me with, so why would I say no to him?

I do try to get her to communicate, because otherwise she'll just keep everything on the inside, and often thinking the wrong thing as the last paragraph shows, until she blows up. Lack of communication on her part is a big part of the reason she cheated, and she had a head of untrue ideas I had no idea about. I told her if she is in a relationship then she has an obligation to communicate whether she really feels like it or not. She then responded she didn't want to be in a relationship then, and gave back the ring.

At that I got really upset, and asked why she would do this after I forgave her and took her back after she cheated with several men. Her response was, "You cheated first." I have never had sex with anyone but her my whole life. After everything I've done for her she still thinks I was unfaithful. I've done everything short of taking a polygraph to prove I haven't cheated

After she calmed down she was much better, and took back her threat of divorce. But I asked her if she meant it, and she said she did when she was angry. She threatened divorce over a problem that only existed in her head after two weeks.
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