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Originally Posted by River View Post
A Jack & Jill Story

Jack and Jill were out for a stroll one day....

"Yes, Jill, but all of our fear that one day things between us may go badly are actually causing things to go quite badly right now, when we really do love one another."

[Jill saw that this was true, and realized that there was indeed hope, and this caused her to feel great joy and love, which she shared with Jack. And they held hands and kissed and pondered some more.]

"I love you so very much, Jack," said Jill.

[Jack looked into Jill's eyes and at her bright smile and saw that this was true, which
overjoyed him.]

And so Jack and Jill, because they loved each other ever so much, held each other tightly as they let each other go.

And years passed and whenever they are together you can see them holding each other tightly and letting each other go.
Thanks, buddy.
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