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Feeling frustrated today. Too many things went wrong; faxes wouldn't send; the office closed early, but I got out late; Runic Wolf couldn't get his car inspected so now he can't drive it; they pushed up the deadline for end of the month reports for my second job to before 4 today (just finished them) instead of the 3rd; they didn't pay Runic Wolf for his vacation time for Rag; and the list goes on. So instead of me getting to do what I needed/ wanted to do after work, Runic Wolf is running most of his and my errands. When he gets home, we're going out to dinner because I am tired of being couped up inside. In the meantime, I am trying to find out when Wendigo wants to come over this weekend which isn't going to be easy since he's working on an animation project and I don't want to interrupt.
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