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Default Greetings and Salutations from Southern Alberta

Well, here I am, saying hello to all of you...whomever (and wherever), you are. Nervous? Who? Me?

Test, test, is this thing on?
*taps microphone, stands up straight and begins*

I am in an open / polyamorous marriage.

A bit about me (us):
- Married 19 years this July to 1 wonderful wife
- We were LDS / Mormon all our lives
- We left about 3 years ago now... after that separation occurred, my wife came to realize that she was bisexual (highly so)
- 2+ years ago we opened up my wife's door for 'others' so she could be her full, real and true self (i.e. have girlfriends).
- After a time of self-exploration for herself, she/we then attempted to open my door with some challenges and false starts.
- Loooong story short: after many starts and stops (due to fears, jealousies and insecurities) we have arrived at a place where we both have 100% freedom and an open/poly marriage.
- We have never been happier or healthier in our relationship.
- Today she's dating men and women and I'm dating women (just to be clear, she's the bisexual one; I'm just a hetero-male who happens to talk expressively with his hands and who likes to shop).
- Ta da... and yay us!

As I explore this site and continue on my journey I hope to get to know many of you and learn from your experiences and poly-wisdom.

~ Polylicious
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