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Originally Posted by swankychicky View Post
We have a fantastic time together about once a week, and the thought of ending it makes me very sad.
So does that mean that they will be monogamously married? Or why else does it have to end?

Originally Posted by swankychicky View Post
And it sucks, because they know I am having a hard time with it, they are starting to hide things from me. We all share a calendar for planning time, and they put "4pm - busy"...which I know is the day they are having their engagement party.
Have you confronted them about sneaking around? And why are you not invited to the party?

Originally Posted by swankychicky View Post
I was wondering if you all have any advice on how to deal or how to express to B how this feels and that it's all normal for me to feel like this. How can I turn off the bitter part in my head when I hear them be all cutesy and call each other fiance? I guess I have a hard time wondering why poly people get married, it seems counterintuitive.
Have you asked them why they are suddenly getting married? Might explain a lot of things. You are not alone in being the secondary who has to face their partner getting married to someone they clearly consider their primary. As I read it, you don't have any other relationships going on ATM?

As a poly person, I can only speak for myself, but I would consider getting married with someone as a sign that we are now each other's primary partners (provided it would be possible to marry them), but many people don't use the primary/secondary description at all and may get married out of really practical reasons. It would help to know what's the motivation behind here.
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