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I'm 158-159 lbs (72 kg), 5,8'' (176 cm) and size 14 (42 in European) in US-speak, and have a B cup. Faux-red hair that ends a little after ears, bangs included. I have to wear glasses for work. Skin sort of tans into what I refuse to call yellow. Have one tattoo on the solar plexus, pierced ears and somewhat infrequently wear jewellery, most often a spiral-snake ring and a silver one with a big black stone on it I got from Flattie. Clothes-wise, I heavily prefer skirts and dresses to pants and the dominant colours are pink, magenta and black. Don't wear high heels, make-up or do my hair. And don't pluck my eyebrows either cause that effin' hurts! People notice most often my big, aquamarine/grey/blue eyes. I've been told I have a Slavic look about my face which just proves the speaker hasn't seen any real Slav women.
Me: bi female in my twenties
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