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First: Welcome!

Interesting discussion already Iola.
Jealousy & Guilt...ah yes.
Not that I'm any kind of expert...well maybe in the jealousy department, haha.

I am the husband of a poly girl who has very recently started a relationship with a really great man. She feels lots of guilt. I think guilt stems from perceived disappointment you feel others will have towards your actions. Or at least that's been our experience.

When the three of us (our V) are alone, we're perfectly content, but when we start thinking of our families, our "moral upbringings", etc we start having doubts and feeling guilt about "what are getting ourselves into", "what will people think", etc.

I'm sure my wife (Gem) would have better feedback to give, hopefully she can put in her 2 cents.

Again, welcome to the boards and good luck on your own adventures!
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