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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Either way, when someone says they are monogamous you know exactly what you are referring to, when someone says "I'm a swinger" you know exactly what they are referring to, when someone says "I have casual sex" you know exactly what you are referring to.

I disagree. If I tell you, "I'm in a monogamous relationship" what exactly do you know about my relationship other than it involves one other person? Do you know whether we're married, dating or FWB? Monogamy only means that whatever kind of relationship it is it involves one other person. There's nothing terribly exact about that. Anything past that is an assumption.

Similarly for swinging. I know swingers that have sex with strangers. I know swingers that have sex within a closed circle and group of friends that know each other and hang out outside of the sex. Which one is the real swinger in this case?

These terms are all laden with assumptions that people generally accept. The trouble is, even if a majority of people accept those assumptions as accurate descriptions, it still doesn't change the reality that they are also broad umbrella terms. People are just more used to navigating the assumptions around certain terms than others. The term polyamory itself hasn't been around that long.
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