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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
Okay, I'm a Cougar, not a pedophile. He is 27 and I am 37. This is not something that would be shared with his mother. The advantage to him being shy to a fault and very quiet is that he would never say anything to anyone and neither would I. But yes, it has me asking the question.
Man, is that what a cougar is these days? That means I have been one since I was 30 and met my husband who was about 20 at the time! Well, not a ten year gap, but ten years is quite reasonable. I thought you meant like, 50 with a 20 year old! That is cougar to me. It doesn't matter really.

I suppose the client aspect is not an issue then?

I think I would tell him ahead of time. Like right now. I'm not a big fan of leaving that kind of stuff, I don't think its fair. He might be completely not interested and then he still has the option of bailing on your plans and not being in a position to make an escape.

I think things should go more slowly if he is that much of a newbie. Even if he is interested, it will give him time to adjust and decide for himself what he wants to do. If this is about relationship that is. If it's a about bursting his cherry as a virgin, then maybe a kiss is a good option. I dunno, something about how shy he is mixed with his virginity makes me think he is vulnerable in some way. Or could be clingy in the long run. What do I know though, I don't know him or you.
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