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Me and The Dew made some kick ass chocolate chip cookies, while Woogie attempted to whack the cat with a spatula .I am a homeschooler and the with the intensity of this week I gave The Dew a week off. We have been through loosing a rabbit, a dog, and even her favorite goat. A week of freak accidents. I tried to get her into her math work, we made origami airplanes, and I will try to at least finish science, and history this weekend along with me reading to her, and she reading to me. Baking counts as an elective.

Jewel saved the last batch from burning as I spaced out. Poor Lover might not get here in time tomorrow before all the cookies are eaten up. I talked it over with Jewel, and devised the best plan.

My jeep tire is flat so Lover is going to come and get me tomorrow evening leaving Jewel the truck. Jewel will get me on Sat. I will make dinner tomorrow at my house, and we would work on dinner together on Sat. at his house. He is going to run me into town on Saturday so that I can get a few errands taken care of, and he can load up on food. He helps me so much. Working together gets so much done.

Lover made sure I cleared it with Jewel. I brought up that Lover asked if it was okay with her to Jewel and she gave me a strange look. I was just double checking. Later she asked me if he was excited to see me tomorrow. We had a girly giggle about how funny boys could be. Weird joke that is kinda hard to get unless you’re here.

I am excited. I don't know when I will get another sleep over. They are all fly by the seat of my pants. This is the first one I have intentionally set up more than three days in advance. Lover wanted to schedule a special day of the week, in the beginning, but Jewel was insistent that you cannot schedule something like that very easily. Lover wanted to do it so that no one (mainly him) got their feelers hurt. Jewel wanted me to have the freedom to come and go as I pleased. I am compromising coming and going when I want, roughly weekly.
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