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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Wait a minute, mum and him are clients? What kind of clients? I don't know if its such a great idea to be drawing in someone for a relationship if they are your client,,, and especially if their MOTHER is. How old is this guy and how old are you? Age is not normally a big deal, but when someone's mother is involved it can be. You might find yourself in a world wind of drama with her in the mix. Do you really want that? If this is just a sex hook up, then that might be different. Fuck em, getter done and move on (that is if this client thing is AVON or something) It's the looouve part that has me concerned in terms of a red flag.
Okay, I'm a Cougar, not a pedophile. He is 27 and I am 37. This is not something that would be shared with his mother. The advantage to him being shy to a fault and very quiet is that he would never say anything to anyone and neither would I. But yes, it has me asking the question.
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