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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post

It's like saying a person who's married is more monogamous than a person who's dating.
Either way, when someone says they are monogamous you know exactly what you are referring to, when someone says "I'm a swinger" you know exactly what they are referring to, when someone says "I have casual sex" you know exactly what you are referring to. By watering down and refusing to apply a basic definition to polyamory, if someone says "I'm Polyamorous" you end up not having a clue what they are referring to.

That's all I am saying, Ceoli. All the respect in the world to broad umbrella's. Some of us like having a certain baseline of clarity in at least the inclusion of loving connections within Poly. But I digress, the word means very little in the big picture. People refuse to define it and therefore it fails in being considered "terminology" at all.

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