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Honestly, this can basically be summed up as the following:

"If my partner truly loved me, s/he would be psychic."

Any time the idea of "well, if so-and-so TRULY loved me, then ______." comes up, it should be examined for the presence of mind-reading expectations. This includes things that one party may have thought, or did think, "went without saying". Chances are, just because you knew what you meant or figured something went without saying- that doesn't mean it got across to the other party. No matter how long you've been together or how in love you are or even, how good your communication is on a normal basis.

It's not a happy thing to find yourself on either end of. No one wants to realize that their partner is angry/upset/hurt/insert negative emotion because said partner expected you to be a psychic with a crystal ball. On the other side, no one wants to admit they were angry/upset/hurt/whatever because they "thought" or "expected" or "figured" - who wants to have to admit a feeling might not be justified because of lack of communication on your OWN part?
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