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Talking Hi Guys

My names Darren, I met a couple Mark & Tony through facebook.
We first starting chatting last year about febuary time.
It was through a friend of a friend. We got chatting, about each other and what we like etc. I remember when I made a few comments about their photos and vice versa.
We then got talking on msn getting to know each other and having a laugh as well.
At the time I was going through abit of a dodgy time and having fall outs with family etc.
Unfortunately i never grew up with a family. I grew up in childrens home and just had a very rough time with my dad (nasty guy). And a very nasty brother, very homophobic.

But Mark & Tony was there for me even though we didnt live close. I was living in Bournemouth at the time when i had HUGE problems with my brother..set fire to my car with me in it...when i was due to go to Mark & Tony's for Xmas. But instead spent it in hospital.

There were times when I was suppose to be visiting them at weekends but things kept coming up n delaying it. So both sides was getting abit frustrated. Then I was unwell at one time and wasn't allowed near others,so had to stay in bed at a friends place. And when i was getting better my friend started saying about me staying in bed till i was fully better. But it was getting annoying and just wanted to be with Mark & Tony at the time. So i just got up out of bed and got my stuff got a taxi and went from Bournemouth to Wales. I didnt think or care even how much it would cost me, because it was so worth it!
And felt it was time i made the move once and for all. So I left but didnt tell them till i got to the big bridge. And my god what a shock they had. But a happy shock. And the hugs from them both was something i had been wanting for ages and so were they.

We spoke about being in a 3way relationship before i moved down and its something they spoke between themselves before. And I knew and they knew, we CLICKED. And we get on so well. And we have a good laugh and I love them both so so much and sometimes I find it hard to believe to feel wanted. And having the feeling of being loved as ive never had that in my life at all. And not only are we in a 3way but also the bested of friends.
Some people know about it, some don't, as some WOULD question and could either like ir or not like it and hoping when the time is right, we will tell more to those who don't know.
But I love them both and they tell me many times they love me too. And they are so special to me in sooooo many ways. And I couldnt ask for better guys then Mark & Tony.
And we are all looking forward to spending our lifetime together.
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