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Question How do I broach the subject with a potential lover?

My husband and I have been polyamorous since before we were married 14 years ago. We have a wonderful marriage and a beautiful daughter.

Here is my question. I am starting a relationship with someone that I have known for five years and there has always been a bit of a spark, but over the last year, and especially the last few months, the spark is growing to the point of potential explosion. The issue is how do I broach the subject of my polyamorous relationship?

Normally this is not an issue. I am not fully open about my status as a poly except with a few people, but I don't really "hide" it either. Many people have asked because they are observant, but we cannot be fully out because of business and family concerns.

I very much want a sexual relationship, but don't want to risk my current relationship with him. He is younger (I'm a cougar to the core), extremely smart, shy to a fault, and I'm betting a virgin. The tension between us is growing stronger the more time we spend together. I have been dropping more and more hints about my status, without coming right out and saying it (yet). With all being said he keeps warming more to me and becoming more obvious (while still shy and a perfect gentleman) in his physical attraction to me. There has always been a very strong intellectual and emotional connection, but we have never crossed into the physical before.

We have a "date" on Sunday for me to teach him to drive a standard and will be alone for 4 hours. The big deal is our date next Saturday. He is coming over for dinner and a movie. My husband and daughter will be gone for the weekend. This is not a new thing as we usually go out or he comes over when they go away. The issue is do I broach the subject on Sunday while driving training, broach it on Saturday during our date, or what? He would never come right out and ask, I don't want to scare him, and I am having a hard time not devouring him.

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