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Default What sort of love or sexual relationship are you looking for?

I like a close personal relationship with love, romance and plenty of good sex! I'm not into one-nighters, gang bangs or any other type of impersonal, casual sex anymore. My hormonal days have passed. I like to be with someone for awhile and get to know them. It takes time to get close and personal.

I'm just out of a long term relationship that didn't end so well. At this point I'm hesitant to jump right into another relationship where I'm expected to be 100% monogamous. An open relationship makes a lot of sense to me right now.

Some people probably think of this as casual sex, but I don't. I tend to bond with my lovers so I think of it as an open relationship or "intimate dating." Some people might even consider it polyamorous. It certainly fits the general definition.

So, is anyone else of a like mind? What sort of relationship interests you?
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