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Originally Posted by evrchanging View Post
Times she yelled at me for supposedly sleeping on the other side of the bed in a distant way.
You may want to pass this information along to Jewel. I used to do this, and it would be especially heartbreaking more recently when we were working on repairing our marriage. One day I finally just decided to tell my husband, that "I am SUPER insecure about him not returning my touch when I reach out to him, especially in bed. If I reach out with my foot or hand just to touch him and he pulls away or doesn't move, even a little so I can continue to just touch him (usually feet), it feels like a complete rejection." It was really hard for me to say that, but it felt good to say it and ever since then, he has made the effort to be more responsive. It was never his intent to reject me, he was just trying to sleep.
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