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Yeah, you kind of hit the nail on the head with the whole talking to the other guy thing. I was honestly trying to come up with a way to talk to him about it without letting on that I like him and having no luck whatsoever short of leaving out some stuff, which would feel almost like lying.

As to the whole libido thing, yes, it's something I've been looking into for well over a year lately, unfortunately the medication I'm on is kind of essential and the sexual side effects, anorgasma and lack of libido, are associated with pretty much all the medications I could take and trying a random switch would be...less then a good idea. I've tried pretty much everything I can think of, and the whole guilt thing isn't helping either.

I'm honestly not sure what I can handle right now...unfortunately I'm pretty sure the only way to find out is to explore it...I guess if anything were to happen I'd want it to start as just the whole "semi relationship" thing you described. I have no illusions of jumping straight into a full out relationship with someone and a not even sure if I want that right now. I mean, to be perfectly honest it would be kind of nice if the whole thing just went away, but I'm reasonably sure by this point that it won't and will just keep getting worse. And no matter what happens, I really want to make sure my boyfriend always comes first. When I think about my future he's the one I see there with me. I guess, if things did happen with the new guy it would help that he has a primary girlfriend of six or seven years who he loves to death. Their story is kind of what gave me hope that this whole thing might not be a complete disaster.
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