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@runbabyrun. I am using my phone to reply and it makes it difficult to quote text. I have been an atheist for a number of years and I know my thinking in this matter isn't very skeptical. I haven't believed in souls for a long time but it was hard not to view my relationship untouchable. I still view it that way. My husband wont leave me for this. He will support me through it. I am the weak one. I can see how it hurts sometimes and I break. My empathy for him makes me panic and I try and tear myself in two to try and fix this. The past week has been so hard for me dealing with it all that I am considering seeing a shrink soon. It will take money I don't have but I can't keep hurting myself this way since I have children. I haven't been filled with so much self hatred since I was a teen and the volitlity is very similar between both. So very hard to love yourself sometimes even when you are surrounded by people who do.
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