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Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
I had an epiphany tonight while at a poly meet up. I don't fit. And I'm never going to. life's short, I've got shit to do and no time for pretense.

I'm in this because I chose to be, but I have ground rules as to how I treat others and as to how I'll allow others to treat me.

I'm just curious. Feel free to ignore my questions. And naturally you shouldn't make yourself it in where you don't want to.

I often wonder about who feels comfortable and welcome at organized poly functions, and who doesn't. Did you have nothing in common with the folks at the meet up? Political or social differences? Weird vibe? I think the poly groups I've gone to do a decent job welcoming people, and reaching out to new folks. But, of course, people who do not feel included don't return and don't offer feedback on why they move on.

What ground rule breakage triggered this post? Was booze a factor?

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