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I was impatient, yesterday. I wanted it all and I wanted it then. Today, I'm much more tender toward myself. Time is my friend again. And I realize how lucky and blessed I am. And the freedom and joy have returned, somewhat. And that's enough. It's enough to have the window open and the cool air.


Spent hours with cuddle-buddy Russell yesterday evening. We talked heart-and-soul talk with one another, naked words (literal clothes on). I told him how I've really been needing the sort of intimate friendship we are having now, and how little of it I have had in my life. .... I find myself truth-telling everywhere I go, as much as is possible and not too nutty. I want to release the apparent gap between what I am and how I am. I suppose this is all I do now--, let go.

I want to be here for each sunrise and sunset, every child's eyes, every flower, every wound, every star, moon, cloud, earthworm, kiss, joy, hurt, fear.... I want to be here. Here is where I want to be.
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