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Default Love and Kindness.

Polyamorous relationships.

In my so very short time along this walk, it has become apparent that it takes a very special person to successfully navigate the Poly experience.

I've been both spectator and Player in this dance, and I am quickly coming to realize that "poly" is used as a descriptor for a wide variety of relationships, some of which look a lot more like swinging than poly.

I don't get the "let's date everybody" attitude. I just don't. It puzzles me because it ends up limiting the time we have with those who we already have relationships with, and or are just developing. I'm watching those around me in hot pursuit of new/ different / more while barely spending time with those they've just started getting involved with. Weird. But what do I know, I'm new to this so maybe I'm wrong and this is what it's supposed to look like, but I don't think so.

I'm a simple man, All I want is to love, be loved, and have fun along the way. Oh, and a Harley 1200cc Nightster.

Anyway, As I sit here, I find myself focusing on what I really want and what I'm willing to give and it still comes back to some very basic concepts.

Love and kindness.

I'm an imperfect creature, and I must remember that so are the people I'm involved with. I'm going to keep my circle fairly small right now, I want to build on the relationships I have before I go out seeking new ones. Probably best for everyone really.

Hope y'all have a good day. I know I plan to.

Be well.

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