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Default Life's funny.

I had an epiphany tonight while at a poly meet up. I don't fit. And I'm never going to. life's short, I've got shit to do and no time for pretense.

I'm in this because I chose to be, but I have ground rules as to how I treat others and as to how I'll allow others to treat me.

I worked very hard tonight to make contacts, reach out and make others feel welcome, set up coffee dates, movies dates and other such nonsense when it occurred to me...what the fuck am I doing here? Most of these people have no interest in me, my life or why I'm here. None. And that was the moment I relaxed and decided to pull the plug on Being a social butterfly and get back to what I enjoy. Guns, Girls, fast cars and other such goofiness. Love my life.

I'm a social chameleon, I can adjust to just about any arena, but I don't want to. Not even a little bit. I got lost trying to be something I wasn't and I'll be fucked if I'm going to start that noise again, just to fit in with Poly.

I've met some very very cool people along the way, and I met more tonight. I'm definitely looking forward to spending time with those who had a real interest in my life, and moving on from those who don't.

When you don't drink, it's interesting what you see happening around you, and as a trained observer I miss very little, and tonight I saw more then I know some folks would have wished.

Motorcycle.... open road.... soon. So very very soon.

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