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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You mean you will back out of the trip... or the relationship... based on his response? His response to what? Not clear. Telling him you won't go? Would you just be saying it to see what kind of reaction you get, or would you mean it? And not go? Truly being assertive means you back up what you say and be willing to follow through, you don't just dangle some words in front of him as a test.

I only ask because you may not realize this, but you still come across as wishy-washy and undecided.
Oh... I realize it. I get on my own nerves with the back and forth (smile). This is all SOOOO new to me, and I don't know whether I'm coming or going most of the time...

I meant back out of the trip based on his response to me really expressing my feelings...

I would never "test" anyone. I'm not into games. I know some of my threads may seem juvenille, but in this situation, I am VERY much like a child just learning. I have a lot to learn, and I come here because quite frankly, I have no one else

So I take the good advice and the tough love because I don't want to make silly mistakes. Maybe being with this guy may turn out to be one, but I am at least learning about myself and the detriment of not speaking up.

So... we'll see (going to crawl under a rock now!!! You guys have beat me up today

May need to wait a while to post again!! LOL!!!
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