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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post

You say you disagree with me but you're saying what I'm saying when you describe humans in terms of species behavior. The point is that we all have basically the same instincts and we all have the ability to resist them to varying degrees.
No, I'm not saying what you are. I find your argument to be biologically determinist. Culture always enters in to the equation and it's contextual. It determines how we understand any instincts we may have (which may be different person to person), how we code them in terms of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. How that it looks and is understood varies greatly around the world.

Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
But how can you accept the gift of monogamous devotion from someone else without loving them enough to want to return it? (sorry if that question sounds emotionally blackmailing. it's not meant that way - just something I've thought about)
Gift of monogamous devotion? Why think of relationships as gifts and "things" that we give and take away? They are processes that we enter into as agents, not victims. I cannot understand someone with mono desires, but that doesn't make me think that they're repressed or being used.

I'm not quite sure what you want to get out of this conversation.
"Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within."James Baldwin
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