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Well it's been a while, so here's the update.

Blood tests o'plenty and the results: a healthy range for testosterone is between 2.8 and 19.4; I registered at 4.1. So I'm producing testosterone but not a lot, but enough to exclude any chance of hormone therapy. But the brighter side is that the other meds seem to be helping. Working out more, blaming myself less seems to help too.

As for the situation with Mr. A and TP, I worry for her, not in a patronizing way but more in a helpless to do anything way....The prospect of him moving provinces away upsets her.... Though the prospect of having him move in is actually appealing to me. I think partially because I know how happy TP is when Mr.A and I are together with her; and I am sure the fact he and I are good friends is a lot to do with it too.

I posted on a thread today and TP ended up asking if I was now identifying myself as mono (the relationship type, not stealing Mono's identity) and I didn't have an answer. I've not looked for an OSO or even a date in a long while, I don't feel I need it as much as I once was when i was ravenously looking to keep up with TP....I don't know, I'm not shutting out the idea but I am happy where I am now. More confident externally and internally, and generally content where I am in life.

I thought a lot recently about where I am and where I was because of two deaths in the extended family; and I can happily say I like my life, poly included. There's something to be said for a life changing choice that makes the woman I love happy and me a better person for it...I hope Mr. A and TP stay together, they're good together. For that part I am envious because I see them and I want that too...maybe it's greed (my mono brain tells me) maybe not...but love is not finite and too much of a good thing like that can't be bad right?

Ok sweetheart I'm done now, you can read this and get your tired self to bed. I'll put coffee on for the morning....
Polyamory is wrong! It's Multiamory or Polyphilia. Mixing Greek and Latin roots? That's wrong.

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