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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Yes, I much prefer to brainwash my partners into thinking they love me, string them along on my every wish and whim until they become husks of their former selves, then discard them for someone better.
It's true. She's more like a hypnotist than a succubus...possibly some kind of psychic vampire...or a Jedi with mind tricks....

But in all seriousness I find the concept that confusion can be associated with "making someone share you." to be fully specious. I'm not being made to share TP; Poly was a choice I took an active part in making, and truth be told I was the one in control. TP gave me full reign to choose poly, the speed at which her relationship progressed and what role I had in it. Now I will say there were issues that had to be worked through, but I had the ripcord in my hand at all times if I needed to pull the parachute.

I share TP WILLINGLY, no one forced me overtly or covertly. Your contention that in a mono/poly relationship the poly partner forces the other to share them is frankly insulting; it implies that a mono partner in a poly relationship does not have the free will, strength of conviction, or self respect to assert their needs. I find your whole self-righteous tone, and obviously bias speak more to your issues with poly than some profound understanding of the human species. Perhaps you should take an introspective look prior to making broad stroke, misguided statements about poly/mono relationships.
Polyamory is wrong! It's Multiamory or Polyphilia. Mixing Greek and Latin roots? That's wrong.

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