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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post

You are like the girl in high school who saw only the good things in the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks who was stealing and setting things on fire. Everyone else could see he was trouble and not good for you, but that naive girl who just wanted affection and was flattered that he wanted her, kept focusing on how sensitive he was underneath it all, and how no one ever really saw his "nice side."

Over and over again, this guy has dismissed and disrespected your wishes. When will you stand up for what you want/need and realize that if you do so and it closes the door on this relationship, you make room for something better and much more respectful to come into your life?

The fact that you know you don't want it, and that you are afraid he will push you into it, is a huge red flag. Trust your intuition - he will probably push you. He is like a baby who only wants what he wants. I still say you should cancel the trip in order to send the message that you are an individual with your own needs, wants, and boundaries that must be respected. Then see what kind of tantrum he throws.
Is this the same one that says she has "potential" and that he wants to "mold her into what he wants" and all that craptastic nonsense? I have enough trouble keeping different people's stories separated in the original thread, and now there are more threads...
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