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Originally Posted by esedkudiln View Post
Such a warm welcome, and such empathy. I seem to have intruded into a community that is less open than I had hoped, or than it claims to be. Or maybe it's just certain individuals.

I'm happy to play by the rules of this community, but does that include adopting one single interpretation of the scriptures - unquestioningly, without dissent or doubt? Surely not.

I seem to have upset you. Could you explain why?
Is this the first message board you ever joined?

This is still the real world, and just because we are writing on the same forum doesn't mean we all agree all the time, and just because the topic is polyamory does not mean we're all sitting in a circle in a big group hug singing kum-bah-yah. We are all different people here.

However, there are certain definitions that are accepted by "the community". You don't get to come on and say "Wet means dry now because I'm here and I say so" and expect people to incorporate that into the existing milieu.
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