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Originally Posted by Cricket View Post
I think our culture's taboo on the topic of rape, and the way they make victims feel like it's a secret shame that should not be discussed because it makes other people uncomfortable is ridiculous, and is why it still happens.
Yes, it is ridiculous! And when the person who is dealing with such victimization and trying to put their life back together is called crazy and irrational, or expected to "get over it" quickly, even by those who were or are close to that person, that is even more ridiculous. But then, the kind of person who would look down on someone who'd been raped... ugh! They are exerting their own form of violation with their judgments. Such people are sociopaths without a shred of compassion, and would likely do things like guiltlessly steal from their friends if they had the chance. So we should never pay any mind to such judgmental idiots.

The important thing is to stand on your own two feet and stop seeing yourself as a victim, but rather as someone who has come through and defied another's attempt to victimize you. You're stronger and more powerful than that.
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