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I personally am not offended my friend. You can obviously have your opinion of what poly is and what isn't, but to come on here and basically tell us that our hard earned experience is shit is really not making me feel like I want to continue any conversation with you.
I have been in every configuration of relationship dynamic and now find myself in something that is filled with love and commitment. It is a poly relationship. I am feeling hurt that you would come on here and lesson what I have worked so hard to achieve by telling me through your "cherry picked" version, that your fiances one night stand is poly.

Your thread doesn't seem to have a question. It seems to be a story of what you think is poly. I feel as if I addressed what you have said and agreed with you that it may be a break of trust, an opportunity or both. What else do you want? There seems to be nothing more to say on the topic as I am not willing to argue on what poly is anymore.
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