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This is a project I've been reluctant to start, but I think it's time, and that it needs to happen.

This will be my public account of my healing journey. It's public because other people need to know they're not alone, and because if there is any chance I can pass on helpful tips, or reassuring stories, or at the very least, make someone feel like they're not alone, I want to do it. I'm posting the link here, and a couple other places. Some folks here have expressed an interest. I recently found a similarly themed blog, and it has been incredibly helpful (and hard) for me.

I'll be leaving out the gory details of my history, because those aren't what need to be put out there - the coping skills I've learned from myself, other people, and therapists are.

I think our culture's taboo on the topic of rape, and the way they make victims feel like it's a secret shame that should not be discussed because it makes other people uncomfortable is ridiculous, and is why it still happens.

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