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Well Im not bi but our relationship is.. a V. My hubs and bf are both mono and straight. In our relationship neither S nor J have any other partner other than me. No need to really label your relationship. It is what it is. Hubs and I have discussed our ideals and both would like it to be a eventual cohabilitation with the secondary moving in and becoming..well a primary. Polyfidelity is the only term that I can say sums it all up. We are just with each other. With no plans to ever add onto any arm of our V. There are so many branches of the poly tree. Not everyone is the same. Even if the relationship is sim..Its still your own. And call it whatever you want to I call ours just family. J and his son become more family everyday. We are all going and doing things as a family. Your relationship and how you work it is yours alone.
As a helper on finding a partner. I found J on okcupid and theres also polymatchmaker Just be honest in your words and say this is what Im looking for. I talked to over 20 different people on there before I met with J.
And prolly could have talked to a ton more but found what I was looking for.
She is C He is S
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