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Sometimes I have pangs of guilt. Small and crude. Why can't I let go sometimes? I was talking on the phone with lover today. He is lonely and it took almost an hour to get him off the phone. I don't know what made the guilt creep up after that. I think its just life is stressful right now in general. Anyway as I am sitting here goofing on the computer with 2 year old snoring in my lap she starts talking about lover. We were going over his depression and the bout with his sickness this winter. She asks if he is excited he gets to see me in a couple of days. I shift my weight slightly and smile at her. She says itís a great relationship. I get what I need and he gets, love, company, a warm body. Its so simple, Jewel states, that people just don't get it. She smiles stating what a commitment he has for me waiting so patiently, caring so deeply, loving not only me but the whole family. I feel all warm and fuzzy now.
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