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I chart my cycle loosely. Jewel knows my pattern to a T. so its no surprise to her when I want to visit Lover. The week after my period I am mad horny. I hardly ever seen myself as straying during that time except for B.O.B (Batter Operated Boyfriend). If I could get sex from Jewel, great I was happy. I am also mad horny 2 days before my period. Lover is not grossed out about my period at all, which is a first for me. He provides cramp relief which makes me very happy. So I try to visit him at least once to relive cramps, seriously. I was worried at first how the menus would work into the whole thing. I was seeing me going sorry dear but flow gets me this weekend. I do the mad clean and organize everything on my flow. I see it as starting new, and I often just don't feel like doing much else. Its my down time.

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