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Update (June 29, 2011):

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Several weeks ago began a most amazing exchange of emails between myself and an extraordinary, beautiful, but geographically distant woman. We "met" here in this forum. To our mutual delight, we discovered that we share almost everything in common with one another. Our compatibility and resonance with one another is simply off the charts.

At this point it is clear that we love one another. It brings us great joy to know that we are here for one another. And there are mutual "romantic" feelings, too. Still, we haven't spent face-to-face time yet, and -- realistically -- it's too soon to say what sort of loving relationship will develop. What we do know is that it will be loving. We're already great, loving, friends. And I look forward to hugs and kisses down the road, as it seems she does as well. Still, I hold this beautiful thing lightly and with joyous ease. We have plans to see one another in September.
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