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Right now I am containing my urge to go over to his house and rip his clothes off. Our garden is almost in which means more time for everyone. I have set a date night for Friday. I feel proud because I set it this time not so much out of convince but simply because I want to. It is a bold move for me. I admitting I have a need I want met head on. Now I am trying not to make it seem like I am counting down the days. He was sweet and strong for me yesterday. I had something really hard to do, and I did it. He didn't baby me, but in his own way metaphorically held my hand. I seen my lover yesterday. I just needed to borrow something and had tagalong 7 year old. We managed to snatch a moment alone where he gives me six quick yet passionate kisses on the lips. I can tell how he wants more, and he can tell I wanted more. I love stealing moments like this. With a quirky smile on my face, we headed home. Jewel on the other hand was the shoulder to cry on, the body to cuddle up next to, the softness I needed as I faced the harshness of the world. We have been working tell we are exhausted rabbit proofing our garden, and taking care of our farm work. As long as we have been together working with her is like working with myself. When we get in the right space everything flows without much verbal communication between us. She knows and I know. What? I don't know.
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