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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You can commit to supporting your partner(s) to be the best they can be, for example, without a time stamp on it.
I agree, on the other hand it's a bit harder to explain it, I find. Because if there is no time stamp, it can sound like you'll run away whenever it stops being practical, you know what I mean? If you say "I'll be there for you, except at any point I might decide not to be anymore", it doesn't feel as strong a commitment, because it feels like you're simply agreeing to be there right now, while everything's going fine (or ok) and you might just go when something goes wrong.

Of course, you might even if you say you will, so that's beyond the point. Commitment isn't about telling someone you'll be there for them, it's about actually being there for them when needed. It's done through actions and not words.
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