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Originally Posted by vixtresses View Post
Why am I hurting this much over one stupid title?
I agree this would hurt. It sounds like he is not as OK with the situation as you thought and he feels the need to pull back and de-investing himself.

I don't know what to do with my hurt. I cry each time Romeo and I talk about this breaking off the engagement thing. He asks if I'm OK, and I say I'm OK.
Don't say your OK if your really not.

I guess what the status of "being engaged" meant to me was a promise to stay together. Being "boyfriend and girlfriend" doesn't carry that promise, to me. So now I'm worried that once the going gets a little rough, he'll just bail, cause I'm just his girlfriend.
This may very well be where he is at, maybe not. If not, discuss possibly a new label that gives you both a better sense of where your relationship stands.

He acknowledged last night that part of what influenced his decision was my failure to insist on condom usage that time with Knight.
I can see how this would have made him feel that you were willing to risk his well being for your own immediate gratification. To tell you the truth, I was a bit offended at your seeming ambivelance to the whole condom issue. He may have thought he was OK with it at first and the more he processed things the more bothered he got. Part of the problem is that it is never just ONE thing. He is probably thinking if she is willing to take that risk, where else will I just be tossed asside? This will not be fixed overnight and you will probably have to do alot of work to make up for it and change how you approach things.

I really felt like Romeo and I were in a good, strong, healthy place, which should be healthy for what I've got with Knight, but now I don't feel like Romeo and I are in such a strong place. It feels shaky and haphazard and scary.
So, now you found a few weak spots. Stop take a breath and work on the weak spots before they become a great big giant whole that can't be repaired.

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