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We have had only one mishap and that happen 2yrs ago.... The other founding member gets a little carried away ...he's built firing racks and buys rolls of different timed fuse and bundles or groups displays ....well that year the weather was spotty and he starts setting up 1-2 hrs before the shoot. we had about a thousand conversations about if we should go for it or reschedule....he pushed for go ....shortly after his set up we had a cloud burst...rain 10-15 min then it was over ...the show must go on ... However those fireworks caught in the rain had some misfire problems which we refused and sent up. No problem. Great show.

Then the clean up..... lots of burnt papertube spent fireworks......some dumb ass( could have been me) decided to throw a couple in the fire pit... that woke up a lot of people .....a lot of wide eyes then drunken laughter. Thank god it was late and the kids and women weren't there. Note : people don't count the number of shots in multi shot displays so ....if your going to burn the debris look down the tubes make sure there empty. OR be smart and don't throw the empties in a fire. Our new procedure is hose down the firing line and clean up an hour or two later ...that way you wont have garbage can fire ....that stuff stays hot a long time: And our other back up will be the local fire fighters.

As for taking pictures I've always been way too busy I'm some what a host for my employees anyway .....this year with the absences of my wife it maybe a little more hectic.....luckily one of the neighbors is a professional photographer and is always walking around with a camera....usually catching the kids cute moments.

Setxfamily ...Wow a fireworks ban that just sucks .... Up here in the upper mid west its benn raining 3-4 days a week and is uncharacteristically cool. least I don't have to worry about catching the state on fire....might get rained out though. Note to self: ...tarp fireworks if rain threatens
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