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Non sexual loving energy is very important to me I must say. Within my very close circle of good friends - we hug and cuddle without restraint. There are couples in the group...and that pretty much means nothing when we are together..

I'm just as likely to fall asleep cuddled up to my darling teresa (and both of us are straight) as I am to her partner..
If I go to the opera with her partner, who I also love...I will cuddle up against him and we will hold hands throughout..

We all had a weekend away together recently - 7 adults and my child...and it was cuddle after cuddle. No confusion on sexual energy
I'm straight - I have girlfriends that stay overnight with me and sleep in my bed...we watch films together and fall asleep together...
Similarly my male friends will sleep in my bed when they stay...and we cuddle.

I don't find any of it confusing. I'm a big fan.
And aren't we all so different....a good thing
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