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Originally Posted by River View Post
Since I wrote that it's cooled considerably and it looks and smells and feels like rain coming in. Pray for rain for us! (I'm not much of a prayer guy, but, hey, what do I know?)
I'll send you some of ours. We've had a bad case of Spring Showers for the past month. I'm tired of water falling from the sky. Does it all winter and now this spring too? Bagh!

Otherwise I'm doing good. Snuggled up with BrigidsDaughter and watched a movie together after she had a hellish day at work. Brightened my boring day as well as her own. Also heard from a friend that got to see the new Transformers movie early. As a fan of the series since it started, I'm now actually very excited to go see it. As he put it "It makes up for the other two".
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