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Originally Posted by seepage43 View Post
I guess my real problem is I don't know enough people into polyamory to know how common the different types of polyamorous relationships are or where most poly people fall on the spectrum of openess in their attitudes toward relationships. For example, I can't stand cheating but I'd be happy with a relatively large group so long as the members care for each other and are faithful; I have no idea how common that kind of disposition is, which is an important thing to find out as those are the types I'd probably want to be with.
So why does it matter what is common? Sometimes uncommon is much better.
ALSO it's always better to be real with yourself and to be real about who you are with others no matter WHAT real actually is.

I feel similarly to you as well-though that isn't the type of dynamic I am in. I am in a V that will likely turn into a type of quad. I can't imagine Maca be interested in something like that and I'm ok not having it as well.

I think you should just work on being you-the real you and not worry so much about what is or isn't likely. If you had asked ANYONE who knew us a year ago if this situation in our life was likely they wouldn't have told you no, they would have told you NEVER. But here we are.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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