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Default New to this site and the life

It's funny, I always had musings in my mind of a relationship with two others. I always thought that my Bi-Sexuality would best be served by being with a couple. I always thought it was just a fantasy. I figured people just wanted to be with one person or lots of different people. I never knew, until yesterday, that there were people and societies that practiced loving, caring, honest relationships with more than two people in one household. I am blown away. I can't say for sure, but, this may be something I have been looking for. We all have many friends so that we can get a variety of needs from many. One friend may be the emotional friend and one may be the practical one. We have a circle of friends to satisfy all of our needs. Why can't love exist under the same precepts?
So here I am. I am exploring "The Life" so that I can see if it is something I really want, and if there is a place for me here.
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