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Originally Posted by Topazia View Post
Just noticed the replies...i have tried many times the past month to stay away from him, leave him to let things cool off and he rings me, turns up at my place...i am reluctant to let him go but he keeps fighting for me.

And since my last relationship and getting back into my hobbies i am starting to make new friends here, i hosted my first party this weekend and was i am making new friends just none close enough i would trust to help me with my condition, plus you dont ask someone you have known a few months/weeks to deal with something that big! xxx
Good for you on getting back out there and expanding your horizons.

I understand about the medical condition (my dad is blind, and I was the only caregiver he trusted for a long time). Just make sure you are doing what is best for you...only you know within your heart if its the right thing.

I would say putting space between you would help you sort out your feelings, but that's shot to shit if you live with the guy.

I would say this... IF you move in with him (sounds like your decision is already made), really focus on you. Continue to indulge in things that make you happy and being around other people. Also seek out alternate resources for your condition (I had to do this when I had to break from my father).

See if there are some government assistance or free caregiver resources (you'd be surprised at what's out there). Is there a nursing student that needs patient contact hours that could help you (they can't charge for that and they need the hours)? Check around. I just think the more that you make it clear that you don't need him as much (once you find other resources), he may back off a little.

Also, SET YOUR BOUNDARIES (preaching to myself here). Be clear about what you will and will not tolerate and CLEARLY define what a ROOMATE is and find common ground between the two of you.

As for the other girl... wouldn't worry about it if all he is gonna be is a ROOMATE. It's hard when friends become lovers and even harder when the friend becomes an ex-lover turned roomate. I commend you for even attempting it. I couldn't do it.

Best of luck to you... and I wasn't trying to be a B**** earlier. I just have a natural instinct to push someone out of the way if they're standing in the middle of the street and there's a Mack truck heading straight for them.

It's all about love... SELF love.... you're worth it honey!!! Smooches!!!
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