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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
There it is again.

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
THAT"S OK !! You are fully entitled to your own personal opinion.

Leaves you two choices.
1> Limit your connections to people who see/feel/think like you do.
2> Take a fresh look, open your mind, try to understand what the other half sees and feels.
I'm only going to put this to you one more time. A person who has no interest in and would rather not be hanging out on top of a skyscraper is not the definition of someone with acrophobia. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Not simply a lack of interest or lack of preference. Having a preference to not participate in an activity someone else might well desire is not a clear indication of having a PHOBIA. Perhaps I was just born to not want to participate in this kind of sexual activity? Maybe you can help by praying with me till I want what I have never found myself wanting and currently, still don't want?

Yes the above was a sarcastic statement. But seriously do you not see that you are pigeon holing me based on the same line of thinking that has homosexuals discriminated against? They get told to try real hard to be straight. Here you're suggesting I either divorce or get adjusted to be more willing to participate in a sex act I have no desire for. My partner has tried to adjust his sexuality for almost half his life - it didn't work for him so I don't see why you think it will work for me. Why does homosexuality get to sit on "just being how one is" but other people must be more flexible?

My attitude about group play, not just group play involving male homosexuality has changed due to bad experiences. I've come to feel anxiety over the aftermath. This is about the extent of my irrational fear. But hey, I do not wish to leave anyone hurting again. I do not wish to deal with vidictive actions by someone who feels hurt over having had group sex with me and my partner. This has been the case for 5 years now. While at one point I had interest in group sex, it never entered the realm of sex I always believed the participants involved would prefer I, for my gender, not be included in. I get that this is the pinnacle of my ignorance, I obviously lack exposure to the bi male mind. And hey, not for nothing I'm a bit sore that I could have been benefitting from 8 years of exposure to this if my partner had been more upfront about his desires. Now I'm trying to play catch up to 15 years worth of angst. BUT its not due to an irrational fear of homosexual sex. It is fear but its over the sensation that I've been living with a stranger for years and wondering if I've met the real him yet. Nothing irrational about that and my feelings about it are not simple OPINION. What makes me feel irrational is when I'm struggling and people tell me I am merely being homophobic. What is the point of arguing -I'm sorry - discussing this with you when you keep missing the point? You don't even see me. I should want to get answers from you who seems willfully blind?
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